Yuma Goji visits our group

Yuma Goji from Yokohama National University visits our group. He is currently working on his Bachelors degree in the group of Prof. Feng-Lei Hong, who is an expert in optical frequency combs, optical clocks and precision measurements.

Dr. Wataru Kokuyama joins the group

Dr. Kokuyama is visiting our group for about one and a half year to work on FPGA-based phase measurements and on a variety of optical metrology applications. Dr. Kokuyama is from the National Metrology Lab of Japan (NMIJ).

Haochen Tian joins the group

We welcome Haochen Tian, who joined our group this week. Haochen started his Ph.D. studies at Tianjin University and he will now spend one year as part of his Ph.D. program in our group. We hope that his stay will be a fruitful one – scientifically and culturally.

We welcome a new collaborator / visitor

We welcome Dr. Tomohiro Tetsumoto from IMRA America, Inc. as a new collaborator and visitor to our lab. Tomohiro will work on graphene synthesis and integration of single-layer graphene in photonic devices. Yesterday, we have successfully revived our aging ultra-low pressure CVD system. The first run has already resulted in a perfect graphene sheet on a copper surface.

3, 2, 1 … Launch of our new group website!

OK. This is probably way too early, but we decided to switch to this new website anyway. It’s still work in progress and a lot is left to be filled-in & bugs need to be squashed. Let us know what you think and where we need to improve!